How to Live Your Hours Once You Come to Know that You are Going to Die!

How to Live Your Hours Once You Come to Know that You are Going to Die!

No need to worry or don't get panic first! This life is not permanent to anyone! We are like flowers! Will blossom on one fine day & will loss ourselves on another finest day! Keeping this life for many years are not necessary! Even if we live for a day, we should enjoy every moments without considering the future and should die happily! As we come to know that, we are going to die in some hours, days, weeks or months, how to live our life after that?

In fact, we should be more happy than anyone in this world! Because, you no need to take bad stuffs, go through bad situations, stuck in high circumstances anymore! Your life is going to end, which means you are leaving from this earth pleasantly by knowing our deadline in prior! See, no one will come to know their dead time easily! That means you are really special!

Throw out you worries & bad feelings on your dead line first!

As our circle know about our life end, they will stand for our last wishes at any cost! So try to fulfill your desires and wishes by telling your family and friends! They will definitely do it for you! Be composed and fulfilled!

If you were a good person in past, it's really good. Suppose if you did more bad things in past, then neutrally do good things to people in you last stage of living! If you are rich enough, then donate more to common people to see the happiness in their face!

Give rights for donating your useful organs, especially eyes to some good hospital! Because, some other person may get life because of you!

Don't worry for anything! Just do whatever you want to do in this world positively! 

Physically and mentally, enjoy everything that you need to taste and experience! Just experience everything thoroughly!

Make a video or any of memorable backup to tell this society about your last stage! Motivate more people who are all in your same situation! Tell them to enjoy the life like you till their last breathe! Become a motivator and hero for them!

The one who follows this called Happiest man! Keeping wealth will not get you happiness! Doing your desired and passionate things only will get you complete happiness! Live for your desires! Not for money! Life is not on money! It's all about how you live with and without money!