We have to be Careful on the Proverbs, Saying and Quotes!

We have to be matured on the sayings and quotes!

In this world there are millions and millions of quotes and saying were said by many achievers and respective personalities. It maybe motivating, impressive, excellent, perfectly fits, very good remedy for humans. But did you ever think that, are those quotes and saying are good for humans? Do you know, how to carry and receive those saying and quotes in human life?

Simple! Just see it depends on situations! Don't be so serious about the quotes and saying which impressed you so far! Let me say the truth which may destroy your life and victory with these familiar proverbs, saying and quotes!

Let's take these familiar quotes as example! 

"Don't enter their home who didn't respect you!"
It seems to be sensible which saves our respect! But just go little deeper in this.. For instance, assume that, your wife/husband didn't give respect to you because of some of your activity, and went to their home as she/he was in angry! They might be in angry, but their heart will thoroughly look for you to go their home and pick them back with love! In this situation, can you take this saying is right? If you follow this saying in this situation, then you have to lose your partner!

"If you want to shine like a sun, first you have to burn like it!"
It's also an another good and powerful quote said by Adolf Hitler! But is that really suits for humans in all the time? Obviously no! For instance, think that you are an ethic harmless robber & you had stolen a costly diamond in a museum. Police arrived to catch you! You are still in museum! You have to escape without getting caught. At that time will you remember this saying and burn like a sun and fire all the cops? Lol.. No!! To escape safely, you have to be silent, and hide yourself somewhere till the cops go out!

Simply to say, saying, quotes and proverbs are really good and motivating maybe. But don't take it so serious and apply it in all situations. Since the situations and people differs time to time, take the appropriate advise by your maturity wisely!