What are all needed as Good Qualities for a Good Leader?

What are all needed as Good Qualities for a Good Leader?

A good leader should create Thousands of leaders like him! Not thousands of volunteers!

True or Lie that doesn't matters! A good leader always love to stand in the side of people, by considering their goodness and growth!

A powerful leader always have self involved mass crowd! That leader's look & appearance itself will get more whistles, claps and huge respect from audience! Not namesake crowd!

A good leader's powerful speech will awaken many sleeping souls to know their real value in this world! Yeah, they will tell you all the secrets to make yourself more strong & valued!

A good leader even fight with Law & government too, to get good things to people's welfare!

A good leader always concentrate on Peace! Not on war and it's related things! They will teach their people also to be patience, being in humanity & matured!

A good leader firstly will eradicate the Hungry & Famine among their people! They will create many plans for their common people's basic needs!

A good leader always stands unique & highly enlightened! They are very brilliant and smart in all people related things!

A good leader knows very well that, money is nothing in this world! And they always keeps good name & good gesture! They won't loot money for theirselves nor their family!

A good leader also know that, their ruling power also temporary only! And they were elected to serve people by people's money! They also know that, they are just a tool of supreme power, and the God gave opportunity to them to gain good karmas by serving people!

A good leader, even will be ready to die for people's goodness! They will be the seed of notable Good start and they will become giant example for all!