What makes Happiest Life with Husband and Wife? Simple and Powerful Secret!

What makes Happiest Life with Husband and Wife?

You may heard or you may faced this big problem in your life. What's that? You married, had sex, got babies, living your life. But the fights between husband and wife comes often even if there is an understanding. What's the reason behind it? And what is the common powerful solution for it? Let's make a look!

Do you think that, getting married & having babies only will give you happiness in your life?

Marrying each other only will give you understanding?

Having sex and Getting babies does says that you are happy couple?

Living a life without getting divorced! Does it means happy marriage life?

No obviously! Happiness is not about physical or namesake things in relationship! It's all about how you behave in your daily life with your partner! There is only 1 main powerful thing that you need to follow to have happy married life! What's that? 


Impress her/him daily like a first meet!

In your starting stage of meeting your partner before marriage, you might have spent more time and ideas to make her/him surprised and impressed. But after marriage, you will feel like they are under your control and you no need to care them anymore like past!

This is really a wrong thought for healthy & happy marriage life! 

Your partner will feel the difference of before marriage and after marriage for sure. Your partner will love to have more bonding, love, care, affection more than past! But we will not make them fulfilled in those life winning things obviously! 

There are more talented smart people who can impress your partner in outside world easily after marriage with those special skills. Don't give chance for that! Don't let your partner to look for love and care outside world without you! 

Make them surprised, make them impressed, make them cared, make them more special "Daily atleast once!" That feel will make her/him to think about you always with strong unbreakable love feel!

Don't let her/him to think that you are not concern about them! When your love dominates, then absolutely no chance for the brain to win! Even if there is a fight, even if you are wrong, YOUR DAILY WORKED OUT IMPRESSION, LOVE & CARE will dominate any situation & it will make them to think that he/she is more important to you, and they will come and stick with you without considering the mistakes or problems on you!

Love should win in relationship at any age, not brain!!! 

If you are giving space for brain to think about mistakes of your partner, then it fundamentally means that you both didn't have enough love and impression! Behave like newly married even after many years. It maybe little hard. But practice your mind and heart for this to have fruitful happiest life mission! Everyone will get jealous about you for sure!