Why Negatively Criticizing People Getting Noticed Easily?

Why Negatively Criticizing People Getting Noticed Easily?

A single bad word is enough to get people's attention than many good words! Because now a days, a negative thing goes in people's mind very easily when compared to the positive things as we are living in maximum level of negative things around. That's the bitter truth here! Most of the people who are living in this world, easily getting many troubles since they are adopting bad growing culture gradually!

They fail to know & examine the value of good things! For an example, eating organic foods & doing workouts for body is the ultimate prevention from being affected by diseases! But how many of us following the right diet and body workouts even after we know the value of it? Very very less right?! So that am telling, people are adopting a bad culture, stylish life, killing habits & more negatively! And they think it as fashion! 

So when they are following bad things without considering, likewise they are listening and appreciating the negatively criticizing people easily without knowing it's in-depth reasons and truths! We even giving more value to them badly when compared to good people! 

Simply to say, Sweets are maybe very tasty and looking good! But when you take it daily in your life, you will be diabetic patient one day! At the same time, Bitter gourd may taste more bitter, but if you take it daily in your life, you can prevent diabetes and more diseases from it! 

In very short, we are living in a namesake society where many negative things are worshiped as Good things unknowingly! We should wake up! Sweets are like negative approaches and Bitter gourds are like positive approaches. After examining the aftermaths, we have to choose what is needed for our life!