Why Most of the Kids Have More Affection on Mother than Father?

Why Most of the Kids Have More Affection on Mother than Father?

I didn't mean all the kids on this topic! But when the question is about Kids affection on Father or Mother, then most of the Votes will be voted for MOTHER only! And it's true too! What are all the reasons behind this?

Father is an Outside earner to run the family financially! But Mother is a Homemaker! As the mother spends most of the time with Kids in home, Kids have more bonding and connection with mother more than Father!

Breastfeeding is the most important thing! As the mother has physical contact with their kids to feed the breast milk, that kind of touch and divine feel will stick with kids forever in their subconscious mind!

Moreover, Motherhood is an undeniable & unbeatable thing when we compare to Father's love! Her care, affection, efforts, dedication & love towards their kids are cannot be given equally by a Father fundamentally!

Mother's (Women) body nature is so sensitive by birth itself! But father's (Men) body nature is basically hard by birth! So when a mother touches & shows her affection with her kids, they will really love that sensitive touch than a father!

Father's angry is will make any kids to get afraid completely! Mostly the fathers will fail to show the love even after they showed their anger! But being a mother, she will show equal love even after her anger on their kids to have better bonding!

And of course, a mother's compromise on giving a birth to child is more painful, physical, highest compromise in this world! Men, only will do intercourse to make a baby! But being a Woman, she will carry more pain, stress, physical issues to give birth to a baby for ten months! Sometimes, if it's aborted or cesarean delivery, she will go to her at most stage of death & coming back to life! So the matured Kids always respect this ultimate compromise of their mother and they always worship them!